Angela’s Story With BlueWing | NDIS Disability Service | Episode 9

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Angela’s Story With BlueWing | NDIS Disability Service

Hi, welcome to the BlueWing show where we’re going to talk about relief support care and family for our participants. It is our mission to show you there is help and support for people that care about the individuals.

I met Angela. We had a phone call to ask to come and meet and greet the family and I met Angela and her beautiful pets that she has and her wonderful husband and they support her daughter Bethany and also her two grand babies Eleanor and Charlie.

I’m doing a lot better now. Thanks to Zoe’s help and the help of the whole BlueWing team actually starting to breathe. They came to me recommended by a provider I was using Yarrabilba. They could see I was starting to drown with the needs of my daughter being away and my grandchildren.

Bethany has always struggled just emotionally to live and to be part of a community and to be part of life. She’s got involved with a young man a while ago and we had the two beautiful children and she never recovered after she got into the relationship. She couldn’t connect with her lovely little children. So they’ve always lived at home and I stepped in and did the mum thing and Beth did the best thing and we tried to coexist and we failed, unfortunately.

Never failed. Her best plan when I came along was not Correct for her disability and her needs so we put a change of situation in for all three of the the two children and Bethany to get a better outcome, which we got straight away and now able to use the plan in the funding to last a little bit longer than it was.

She was always the odd child out and it seemed to change more once she got into the tens and elevens and she started hurting herself which was horrific as a parent to watch your child hurt themselves and then she was diagnosed as asperger’s low functioning well having Beth very happy and living in a transition home i call it um because they’re going to help her transition back to home back to being part of our family which i think Beth has mentioned she wants to do very badly but she wants to be the best version they’re giving her the tools and myself the tools to accept the grief and the sadness and the loss.

Sorry but i must say Bethany’s doing great now she’s in one of our houses and she’s learning living everyday living skills she’s um cooking at the moment which she loves she’s doing craft which she’s got back into because she stopped she’s also driving again and going and visiting Angela and her babies and her stepfather so she’s starting to get back out in the community she’s doing her shopping she does her own shopping with our staff and she’s improving every day her mental health is you know going a lot better considering she’s been in hospital last 10 months so she’s starting to find herself which is everything that we want and we also, you know want Angela not to have uh care as burnout and to you know get as much support what we can do and be emotionally there for the family as much as we can.

My advice would be take a leap of faith bring Zoe in the team you won’t regret it, it’ll be the best call you’ve ever made.

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