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In the history of services to persons with disabilities there have been stories of moments in peoples’ lives where a single decision transforms into changing the world for the better. The story behind the development of BlueWing Care Professionals in Australia. 

Myself, Zoe Norton, and my daughter Courtney, is one such story. Mother and daughter embarking on the journey towards BlueWing’s development long before we ever knew this would be the ultimate achievement.

Birth of Courtney Inspires Zoe

My daughter, Courtney, who was born at twenty-nine weeks has Cerebral Palsy, and faced significant challenges as a young girl. In a refreshingly candid video, Courtney explains how she didn’t speak or walk until after the age of four. As a young woman, she presents as self-assured, warm, confident, and intelligent.

Inspirational events such as these can and do inspire people to move away from their comfort zone and challenge themselves to create something extraordinary. BlueWing’s development reflects on my desire to ensure Courtney would live a full and meaningful life, which she does. 

Even in the age of accessibility laws and remarkable technological developments, far too many people with disabilities are still being left behind.

The Inspirational Journey

Recalling Courtney’s early difficulties but quickly noting Courtney’s accomplishments and how I put my ‘heart and soul’ into empowering others with disabilities in Australia. My mission is “helping everyone who comes by my pathway.” I believe in both individual and social empowerment

I am committed to the principle that people and families in the community need a voice, have someone that will listen, and try my hardest to implement and put whatever I can in place.

The creation of BlueWing is about a spiritual butterfly or a caterpillar. I developed it because I believe everybody has wings. 

Some might be smaller. Some might be broken. Some might be different colours. For me it’s about the community – about bringing providers and people together. 

We’re all human beings and we all have some type of struggles in life. Sometimes all you need is someone who hears you out in that moment. 

So, BlueWing is because of Courtney and because of the participants that need help. It makes me want to fight for peoples’ voices to be heard. That’s why I do it.

Creating BlueWing

The experiences with Courtney to inspire me into becoming the Founder and CVO of BlueWing. Our company’s website offers a strong glimpse into the company the team helped create. 

To begin with our mission is: “To bring communities closer through life-changing support so no one feels alone.” Families who have a child or older individuals with a disability generally face a plethora of challenges. 

These range from attaining a firm diagnosis, to finding proper treatment options, accessing services, creating integrated educational plans, and ensuring the family member fully lives as a part of society. 

Research has demonstrated that raising a child with a disability comes both with challenges and rewards.

The Butterfly Metaphor

Author Erika Buenaflor echoes the sentiments. “…butterflies also symbolize rebirth, hope, and bravery. 

Seeing one is a sign that positive change is transpiring, and brave forces are watching over you and ensuring graceful transitions. The butterfly encourages you to flow through your transformation with confidence…” [1]

The three core values of BlueWing are expressed below:

Clarity of Vision and Values

There is real clarity in this triad of core values which also offer a clear definition of Blue Wing’s mission and overall objectives.

Come from the heart: Kindness matters – Share our story, be compassionate, empathetic and humble.

Work ethic wins: Lead with innovation, go the extra mile and deliver.

Unity of purpose: Work together be respectful, positive and creative towards every objective.

The Foundation for Blue Wing

In telling the story about Blue Wing, it’s critical to note the wealth of experience brought to the development of the signature company. For the previous several years, I have worked in palliative care, Support Coordination, and as the Director of Synergy Vision Disability and Care Services. 

These seminal positions enabled me to develop key skills in areas such as program design and development, coordination of care, understanding the broad needs of kids/adults with disabilities and creating a continuum of care in a foundation of personal and family empowerment.

Blue Wing’s list of services is impressive:

The array of services demonstrates a firm commitment to the creation of a service that can provide people from infancy to their senior years. At the heart of these services is a message of individual and family independence and empowerment. 

Many families cope with anxiety and stress related to the challenges of raising a child with a disability. The more complex the disability, the need is greater that they will appreciate the support of a professional who understands their situation.

People who cope with these kinds of stressors often benefit from having an objective professional in the home to assist them with accessing the fundamental services they require. Many individuals and families find themselves overwhelmed when they try to coordinate their own services. 

In this regard, Blue Wing are taking the pressure off by stepping in and helping on a practical level. For example, if a family has an older member coping with Alzheimer’s, they often don’t know what to do, or who to call. Once again, this is where Blue Wing can provide much needed and essential support.

The creation of a unique set of valuable programs to ensure people and families who cope with a disability can be supported to live an independent and purposeful life.

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