James’ Story With BlueWing | NDIS Disability Service | Episode 5 – Draft

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James’ Story With BlueWing | NDIS Disability Service

Hi, Welcome to the BlueWing show where we’re going to talk about relief support care and family for our participants it is our mission to show you there is help and support and people that care about the individuals.

Hi, this is Zoe, welcome back to the BlueWing show I want to talk to you today about James and his diagnosing his disability and how it affects his day-to-day life.

So James has PTSD, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD any Social Personality Disorder Aspects, Anxiety and also Trauma.

So that affects James’s day day today because he could be in a social outing where a song a smell a test could come back and give him triggers which then also then triggers off his PTSD and his trauma.

So our job is to help get the right supports in place to make sure that James can go to work fulfill his daily living skills and also have a a wonderful life and be happy at the same time. so I’d like you to join me to come down to Fred’s coffee shop to with myself James and his goal facilitator to have a coffee with us and hear a little bit about James’s story.

So I’m James Hardin, I’m 33 years old growing up in the caring industry after my dad disowned me and dropped me on the front doorstep of the child safety office. He just wasn’t a good father couldn’t look after me when he found out that i had the anxiety and stuff like that.

So I was in foster care I was abused in foster care to a point where I was like running down a local police station saying help me get me out of here because this is when I was in like start just going into high school and then yeah just merging between different companies just trying to find the right one for me.

So I was trial and error until I found until I found BlueWing and then honestly since I came across them honestly I would never want to look back.

Yeah, so PTSD is Post-Traumatic Stress or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, so there are numerous ways you can get it if you’ve been in the army you can get it from childhood you can get it from a car crash and I’m just going to that same place where it’s happened that can also trigger a PTSD attack and it can actually get that severe that you like you can’t even sleep because you just keep reliving having what’s called a flashback which is why you relive that scene in your life and just keeps with playing and replaying and replaying.

Pretty much I’d say Zoe and all the team like that pretty much been my family so because of BlueWing my funding had been increased because I can see that there is an issue and that I need that ongoing support and I just wasn’t getting that support from my past companies and what and it just means the world that Zoe’s there to actually say hey I put my foot down I’m helping you.

One of the greatest things I see with James is that James is now more confident he’s always willing to do things like his his attitude from the time I saw him from the beginning I started working with him and now he’s really different he can control his emotion now he knows when he’s when it’s time to just chill and just do things different you know the time when he’s getting like anxious and then educated and he go control himself easily and he knows that he’s like he’s willing to do things like achieve things he really improved now i know it’s a different person now.

Honestly, it’s hard to describe the amount of love and support I’m getting from all the services of BlueWing, like the workers that I’ve got i.e Emmanuel Rachel and just through the roof the amount of support that they give me. I just want to say to Zoe thank you, finally finding the company that actually gives a damn to people in my situation it’s just amazing

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