Anita’s Story With Blue Wing | NDIS Disability Service | Episode 6

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Anita’s Story With Blue Wing | NDIS Disability Service

Hi and welcome to The Blue Wing Show. In today’s spotlight, we feature “Anita’s Story With Blue Wing,” where we highlight the resilience and tenacity that supported independent living inspires in individuals. Our goal is clear from the get-go: to offer more than just assistance, creating a compassionate and supportive community for each person we work with.

A Glimpse into Supported Independent Living with Anita

I’m Zoe from the care team at Blue Wing. In this episode, we’re bringing you along for a visit with Anita, a valued member of our supported independent living program. Providing 24/7 care, we ensure that Anita can live her best life with her condition and her trusty companion, Bella.

“Anita’s Story With Blue Wing” is one of courage. A former high-flyer at Westpac, her world took an unexpected turn when she began facing the challenges that come with dementia. Despite this, she remains determined not to let it define her life.

Receiving a dementia diagnosis was poignant for Anita, mirroring her father’s journey. Yet at 61, she battles every day not to let it overshadow her zest for life.

The support from the team at Blue Wing has been invaluable to Anita. They go beyond their roles, becoming like family and ensuring she gets the support she needs for daily activities like meal preparation and shopping—all part of our supported independent living service.

Embracing Home Life with Support

It was critical for us at Blue Wing that Anita would receive the necessary supported independent living services to stay in her own home. Our dedication helped her avoid an unwelcome move to a nursing home or a new, unfamiliar environment.

Anita feels truly blessed to live here—with Bella by her side and supported by a team that has become her extended family.

Documenting Transformation in “Anita’s Story With Blue Wing”

“Anita’s Story With Blue Wing” showcases the transformative effect of supported independent living through a touching video. Initially hesitant about walks, now Anita finds new energy and pleasure in these daily outings with Bella.

Her goal facilitators notes that these walks have revitalized Anita’s spirit. Their bond includes music, laughter, and true companionship—testament to the significant changes brought about by supported independent living.

Anita’s laughter and the morning routine nudges are testament to the depth of care provided by Blue Wing. “Anita’s Story With Blue Wing” isn’t just about the support—it’s about enabling a life lived independently and fully, underlining everything we stand for at Blue Wing.

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