Empowering Progress: Luke Mendoza’s Journey with Logan and Cody

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Meet Luke Mendoza: Senior Occupational Therapist

Luke Mendoza, the Senior Occupational Therapist at our New South Wales office, brings passion and dedication to his role as he mentors junior therapists and ensures the smooth functioning of therapy processes. With a background fueled by personal experiences, Luke’s journey into occupational therapy is deeply rooted in his desire to contribute to the rehabilitation field, particularly inspired by his relatives with disabilities in the Philippines.

The Journey with Logan and Cody

Luke shares his experiences with Logan and Cody, two children he has been working with for a year and a half. Reflecting on their progress, he recalls their initial challenges, including difficulties with sitting still, following instructions, and engaging in activities both at home and at school. However, through tailored solutions and a focus on play-based activities, Luke has witnessed remarkable improvements in their engagement, motor skills, and social interactions.

Approach and Interventions

As a provider, Luke emphasises the importance of play in therapy sessions, recognising it as a fundamental aspect of childhood. Integrating play into activities addresses a range of developmental needs, from fine motor skills to social interaction and behavior management. Luke’s interventions include a variety of techniques such as obstacle courses, fine motor activities, and sensory integration strategies tailored to meet Logan and Cody’s specific needs. Luke’s expertise in addressing these challenges has contributed significantly to the progress and independence Logan and Cody have achieved.

Celebrating Progress

Luke takes pride in Logan and Cody’s achievements, noting their enhanced abilities to follow instructions, engage in school activities independently, and interact positively with peers. Their improved motor skills, cognitive abilities, and self-care skills reflect the effectiveness of Luke’s interventions and the dedication of the therapy team. As Luke continues his journey as a mentor and therapist, his commitment to empowering children with disabilities shines through, making a profound impact on the lives of individuals like Logan and Cody.


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