Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinator’s take away the pressure, stress and anxiety to make your day a little easier. They’re people who understand you and want to connect you so you can live a more independent life, tailored to you.

What activities does a Support Coordinator usually undertake?

Support Coordinators are likely to support the participant to:

Are there other activities a Support Coordinator might undertake?

Support Coordinators may also undertake specialist activities including:

What activities doesn’t a Support Coordinator provide?

Support Coordinators optimise the flexibility in the core supports to implement the plan. They do not make a judgement about the adequacy of the plan and do not make requests for an unscheduled plan review on behalf of the participants. For most participants the need for Support Coordination is expected to decrease as capacity increases, therefore Support Coordinators are not funded to provide certain supports. These supports are participant transport, plan administration or management, support rostering, advocacy and disability supports.

How are Support Coordinators allocated?

The planner will send a request for service to a Support Coordinator the participant has identified. The request includes details of what supports the participant requires. Support Coordination providers consider the request and inform the planner whether it is accepted, then a plan handover is arranged between them.

Support Coordinators are expected to:

What outcomes do Support Coordinators deliver for participants?

Support Coordinators are expected to:

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Blue Wing Care Professionals provides Disability Support Services to NDIS participants. We know the ins and outs of the program and can provide all the answers to your questions.

Why choose the Blue Wing team?

At Blue Wing we have a strategic recruitment process that ensures we hire the very best carers for our clients. In addition to relevant training and experience, we seek genuinely caring and positive personalities who can brighten their client’s day.

For your peace of mind, every Blue Wing team member also completes or holds the following:

NDIS Worker Clearance

Providing assurance that the Blue Wing team is approved to deliver support or services under the NDIS.

Working with Children

This requirement provides reassurance that the worker has no workplace misconduct or criminal history of concern.

NDIS Worker Orientation Module

A course that helps NDIS workers to understand their care obligations and better support people with disability.

COVID-19 Infection Control Certificate

Department of Health training covering the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

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