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Overcoming Adversities: The Inspiring Story of Joshua.

Joshua is a survivor. A fighter.

He’s been through more than most of us can even imagine, and now he’s inspiring us all to keep moving forward, no matter what life throws at us.

At the age of 5, he was expelled for hitting his teacher. That is when his father suspected him of having ADHD. Later on, he was diagnosed with Autism and was transferred to a special school.

Joshua had learning and speech problems as well as behavioral difficulties. This meant that he had to work twice as hard as other kids to get through school. But instead of letting these things hold him back, he just kept pushing forward and proving everyone wrong!

Even though Joshua found it hard to make friends because people were scared of his disabilities, he didn’t let those things keep him down. He just kept looking for people who would accept him for who he was, no matter what. And one day, BlueWing came into his life.

When his parents brought him to BlueWing, they were looking for help and support. But they didn’t know that soon after starting with a speech therapist, Joshua would learn how to express himself better than ever before, and he would graduate college!

Support Coordinators Available to Assist His Needs

BlueWing has provided him with the support he needs to smash through challenges and helps him develop speech skills and job skills.

Joshua has been able to grow in ways that no one could have imagined when he first started coming here. He has developed into a confident young man who is ready to take on the world with his new skillset.

BlueWing is dedicated to providing disability support services to NDIS participants. Our mission is to help our clients live the best lives they can, from therapy, mobility, and equipment to wellness, mindfulness, and beyond. 

Our tailored life solutions are designed for people with disabilities of all ages and abilities – from those who need assistance with daily tasks like getting dressed or bathing, to those who are looking for a more holistic approach to managing their condition.

We’re committed to supporting you in all aspects of your life. Not just in terms of what’s available through the NDIS, but also in terms of making sure our clients have access to the tools they need for success outside of home or work environment.


BlueWing Care Professionals is an NDIS Registered Disability Service Provider that offers support to all NDIS Participants.

Providing a range of services to NDIS participants, BlueWing is made up of a team of passionate, dedicated, and experienced healthcare professionals.

We provide complex care, speech therapy, plan management, occupational therapy, support coordination, access to community support, social & recreational activities, and much more. 

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