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Jen’s Story – BlueWing – NDIS Disability Service

See transcript below for our YouTube video of NDIS Disability Service for Jennifer Robertson. 

Hi, Welcome to the BlueWing show where we’re going to talk about relief support care and family for our participants it is our mission to show you there is help and support and people that care about the individuals.

My name’s Jennifer Robinson and my diagnosis is diabetes for 43 years and it’s ruined my leg my right leg so now I’ve got a disability and I’ve just been diagnosed at last 18 months with Addison disease.

Moving here before I had carers like I was here on my own and I had to walk so far to the bus stop like it’s not just across the road that was very, very hard, I got a phone call from Centerlink about three years ago now and because I kept ignoring letters and that and they’re the ones that said look you’ve got to ring up NDIS you might be able to get help which the best thing I’ve ever done and I’ve been with BlueWing ever since.

I’m usually with Jen on a Monday we tend to go out we’ll go and buy her some groceries if she needs anything to pick up like her dog food for jersey’s special diet um we’ll go and get lunch may be a coffee at the cafe and we just you know we go out gets her out of the house she enjoys being out getting to talk to people and stuff like that.

Oh my average day is beautiful with my carers they pick me up we have a chat and then we go out whatever I have to do shopping or if I want to go and look at something now the shops are back open. Friday’s jersey we go to the doggy park I’ve never ever been happy with any other company, but BlueWing 10 out of 10 darling and I love I love Paige.

I like doing this sort of thing because you, like I’m a nurse so I can work in the hospitals and less and I did that for a little bit, but it’s very impersonal and so you know, like I can help someone and then they disappear and I never get to know how they were or anything like that so I find working as a carer I get to know people a lot more and you know see them progress see them get better see them do better be more independent and yeah I like getting to know that work I’m putting in is making a difference, so thank you yeah.

To me they’re not carers they help me out and everything but they’re like my friends you know they’re all I’ve got besides my pets I probably wouldn’t even be here if I didn’t have my animals done my carers gosh, I wouldn’t know what to do, it was hard for me because very hard, but I had no one else darling but now I’ve got my girls on where I call my girls my carers down very very very appreciate what’s been given to me.

Is it next Saturday? Going I’m going to get my hair done getting purple foils in it yeah it’s even though I’m older you know me I’m old but inside I’m young.

BlueWing is an amazing group of people you’ve got to give go with BlueWing anyone out there really I’ve never been happier darling, I adore my girls that I’m with very it’s a very good company.

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