Empowering Independence: John Learning to Ride the Bus on His Own

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In the world of helping people, every small step forward is a big deal. Today, let’s look at how Luis, an occupational therapist, is making a big difference in John’s life by helping him become more independent.

Learning to Travel Alone:

At BlueWing, Luis and John have been working hard on skills to help John get around on his own. This process is known as travel training, where John learns how to travel independently, gaining confidence and freedom. Some important skills they have been working on are:

  • Managing Money: One of the first things they tackled was teaching John how to use his Opel card and add money to it for bus rides. Luis patiently guided him through the process until he felt comfortable handling it on his own.

  • Choosing and Riding the Bus: Next, they focused on navigating the bus system. John learned how to choose the right bus, wait at the stop, and ride to his destination safely. Luis provided step-by-step guidance and support, helping John build his skills and independence.

Making Progress

After lots of practice and encouragement, John has made significant progress. In their latest session, Luis took a step back and let John ride the bus mostly by himself. It was a proud moment for both of them, showcasing John’s growing confidence and independence.

Dealing with Challenges

John faces unique challenges due to his autism and schizophrenia. Sometimes, he struggles with focusing and remembering important details, like which bus stop to get off at. However, Luis understands John’s needs and provides tailored support to help him overcome these challenges.

Staying Safe and Supported

Safety is always a top priority. To ensure John’s well-being during his travels, Luis has arranged for support workers to keep an eye on John’s bus rides. This safety net gives John and his loved ones peace of mind, knowing that help is available if needed.

Celebrating Success

Each successful bus ride is a cause for celebration. It’s more than just reaching a destination, it’s a testament to John’s determination. With each journey, he becomes more independent and empowered, proving that with the right support, anything is possible. John’s journey toward independence is an example of the power of support and perseverance. With Luis’s guidance and encouragement, John is learning to navigate the world on his own terms, one bus ride at a time. Together, they’re proving that disabilities don’t have to limit a person’s ability to live life to the fullest.


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