A Recipe for Independence: BlueWing’s Baking Session

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Exciting Project

Our therapy team is thrilled to announce an exciting project. We are dedicated to enhancing our participants’ capacity and independent living skills. This initiative involves utilising a specially designed home equipped with essential amenities such as a full kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and bedrooms. Additionally, there’s a garden outside to further support participants in building their independent living skills.


Building Independent Living Skills

The home is fully equipped to promote independence. The kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and bedrooms provide practical environments for participants to practice and develop essential skills. The garden outside serves as an additional space for activities that promote self-sufficiency, allowing participants to experience and adapt to a variety of tasks they will encounter in everyday life.


Activity: Baking a Cake

This activity involves baking a cake with two of our participants, Josh and Zach. This hands-on session is part of their supported independent living application process through the NDIS, aimed at enabling them to live independently.


Session Goals

The main goal of the session is to work collaboratively to bake a cake. The participants will go through each step together, fostering teamwork and reinforcing their skills.

Through activities like this, we at BlueWing, continue to support and nurture the growth and independence of all our participants.


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