Synergy Vision Rebrands to BlueWing

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Synergy Vision rebrands to BlueWing from 1st July 2021, aligning with the organisation evolving to provide more outstanding care and services to those requiring support.

Synergy Vision was established in 2018 when Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Zoe Norton embarked on a journey of providing attentive support to those with a disability who felt helpless, alone or isolated and make a lasting impact on their lives.

As a maturing company, there has been a transformation in the complexity of supports and services. So too has the depth of experience of employees across the organisation. Consequently, the decision was made to align the brand with representing the variety, skill and level of services and supports now delivered.

Zoe Norton, CEO of BlueWing reflects on the growth of the organisation – “the vision hasn’t changed, and when I reflect on the company’s evolution to date, the butterfly is a fantastic illustration. Caterpillars indicate promising outcomes to projects in their initial stage and offer fruitful completion of goals”.

“This is Synergy Vision transforming into BlueWing. It is a beautiful journey of the dynamic process of metamorphosis to a butterfly, symbolising transformation” Mrs Norton said.

The choice of “BlueWing” instead of “Wings” represents that life can be just as fulfilling for a person with a disability as for someone able. The brand has changed, though our focus and values continue. Over the past three years, Synergy Vision has impacted over one thousand people through attentive care and provided empowerment and growth for clients, families, and team members.

BlueWing has one mission: To empower and enable individuals and families so that they have room to breathe and feel relief.

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