Transforming Lives: The Impact of BlueWing Staff on Minai’s Development | Episode 23

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Minai is a 39-year-old lovely woman from South Korea. She has been in disability services for about 18 years. Thanks to the support of BlueWing Staff, Minai has been able to build confidence, overcome her social problems, and become happier.

On an average day, Minai follows a routine that helps her maintain a sense of structure and stability. Some examples of her routine would be that in the morning, she showers, dresses, and has breakfast. On Tuesdays, she goes to hydrotherapy or physio, which helps her with her physical health. On Wednesdays, she and her carers do cooking, gardening, or take a walk around the block. On Thursdays, she does one-hour activities, either going on a community-guided activity or going to her friendship group.

Minai’s carers help her deal with her behaviors and social problems by bringing her out into the community and socializing with others. They also assist her with everyday living, such as dressing, cooking, and cleaning. With the help of BlueWing Staff, Minai has learned different ways of approaching behaviors that challenge her.

One of the ways that BlueWing Staff has helped Minai is by giving her the support she needs to build her confidence. Through encouragement and positive reinforcement, Minai has been able to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and self-esteem. This has helped her to feel more comfortable in social situations and to be more willing to try new things.

Another way that BlueWing Staff has helped Minai is by teaching her different ways of approaching behaviors. For example, if Minai is feeling anxious or upset, her carers may suggest that she take a break and do something calming, such as deep breathing or listening to music. By learning these coping strategies, Minai has been able to manage her emotions more effectively and reduce her anxiety levels.

BlueWing Staff has played an essential role in helping Minai overcome her learning difficulties and intellectual disabilities. Through their support and guidance, Minai has been able to build confidence, manage her behaviors, and become happier. The work that BlueWing Staff does is essential for individuals like Minai, who need extra help and support to live their lives to the fullest.


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