The Power of Progress: Logan and Kody’s Inspiring Growth with BlueWing

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A Journey of Progress: How BlueWing Transformed Logan and Kody’s Lives

Jackie, a devoted mother to two boys, Logan and Kody, discovered Bluewing as a beacon of hope for her children. We will take you through their incredible journey and the remarkable impact of Bluewing’s services on their lives.

Occupational Therapy: A Transformative Experience

The journey began with Logan and Kody’s went to BlueWing for Occupational Therapy. With dedication and expertise, combined with BlueWing’s resources, they have made amazing progress since the first time they joined.

Over time, Logan and Kody’s engagement levels soared. They began to actively participate in therapy sessions, diligently follow instructions, and even tackle complex tasks. The newfound focus positively impacted their performance in school. One of the keys to their success was BlueWing’s range of sensory equipment, tailored to address their unique needs. As a result, their social interactions with peers improved significantly.

Jackie’s Perspective: A Rollercoaster Ride

Jackie shares her experience navigating the challenges that often accompany raising children with complex disabilities. She emphasises that her boys are more than just their diagnoses, highlighting their kindness and manners. However, she acknowledges the frequent misunderstandings they face when they show heightened or hyperactive behaviors in public.

“People quickly judge that we don’t discipline the children,” Jackie explains, shedding light on the painful reality that many families like hers face. She passionately stresses that understanding and managing these challenging moments is not as simple as flipping an on/off switch. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions and behaviors that she and her family must navigate alongside her boys.

BlueWing: More Than Just a Service Provider

Jackie’s gratitude for BlueWing shines through as she shares her family’s experience. “We love everything about BlueWing,” emphasising her affection for the therapists and the support they receive. What makes BlueWing truly exceptional, according to Jackie, is their commitment to understanding the family as a whole, not just the children with disabilities.

Finding a service provider that invests in the family’s well-being, takes the time to get to know them intimately, and helps children grow and flourish is a rarity. The support, strategies, and guidance provided by BlueWing have been invaluable to Jackie and her family.

Logan and Kody’s journey with BlueWing is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated disability service providers. BlueWing’s commitment to understanding and supporting not only the children but also their families has earned them a special place in Jackie’s heart. Their story is a reminder that with the right support, children with disabilities can thrive and make remarkable progress. BlueWing continues to be an example of the positive change that is possible when compassion and expertise come together to uplift families in need.


BlueWing Care Professionals is an NDIS Registered Disability Service Provider that offers support to all NDIS Participants.

BlueWing is made up of a team of passionate, dedicated, and experienced healthcare and disability service professionals. Providing complex care, speech therapy, plan management, occupational therapy, support coordination, access to community support, social & recreational activities, and much more.

With BlueWing, You are not alone. We are more than just professionals, We are a family.

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