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Narise’s Story

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Hi, welcome to the BlueWing show, where we’re going to talk about relief support care and family for our participants. It is our mission to show you there is help and support, and people that care about the individuals.

My name is Narise. I was born in Coonabarabran in New South Wales, Northwest, New South Wales, a small country town. A few years ago, I moved down here to live with my daughter.

I had to move to live with my daughter because I was living by myself and I have muscular dystrophy.

I was falling a lot. And there was no one to help me. I was formally diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when I was 13. It was not until several years later till I was 17, they actually diagnosed the form of muscular dystrophy, which is FSH Facioscapulohumeral. I have a rare form of FSH, it’s not supposed to be severe as how it affects me. It’s never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do or being who I am. It slowed me down. It takes me a bit longer physically to do everything, but I still managed to do it. And if I get to a stage where it’s a bit difficult, like restricted walking, I’ve now taken up an interest in art. I do rock painting.

So with your art, obviously, like your rocks and everything. How did that start? Well, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, and all I could ever draw were stick men. Never got past the stick. And I kind of thought, you know what? I’m going to teach myself how to draw. So I bought an art, bought book, learn to draw, sketch, and just practice and practice. And then when I got down here at Myrtle cottage, one of the workers there showed me the rocks New South Wales site. And I thought, yeah, I’d love to try that. And that’s what got me into rock painting. And he said, Yeah, was it your husband was an artist as well? Yes, he was. He’d draw. He did just pencil sketches. We had his pictures hanging around the home. and have a frame hanging around. It kind of keeps you connected to him now. Yeah, it does. Yeah.

When I first moved down here, my son-in-law, noticed the walker I had wasn’t very good. So we went to a disability place, and he got a new walker. And he also got the phone number and contact details of BlueWing, I rang them I think the next day. The day after that, someone was straight out here to help me sort it out, to work out a program for me, the help I needed. The physiotherapist, and occupational therapists to be fully assessed, and to work out what services I would need from there, which was fantastic.

It took the whole load off my shoulders and sorted it all out. I get the help at home I need. I’ve had wonderful support physically and emotionally from BlueWing. I only have to ring the office, someone will always come out and they will always help me with what I need.

So three years ago, you went to BlueWing wasn’t it? Yes. And Heather was the one who helped you. You OT with the plan. Yeah. Because you didn’t get coordination funding initially, did you? No, that’s right. And at that time, I couldn’t even get out the back door because steps and no ramps. Yes. So, Heather organized to get ramps in because I was here a month and couldn’t get out the back door. And so then that was done almost immediately. The ramps were put in so I could get outside.

I got the chair you helped organize for me. And the fluffy lambswool. But I have trouble keeping the cat off it. It’s all I sit in now. I don’t think it’ll sit on the lounge. It’s always on the chair. And I put the footrest out and my grandson calls it the rectangle. He says, Can you put the rectangle out? So he climbs up on the little rectangle.

This is my scooter, which has given me my life back. I’ve been able to get the freedom to ride around, go into shops to actually be able to ride around large shopping centers. That’s been the big thing with me.

The extra support of workers coming in and helping me, takes the pressure off my daughter and makes me feel better about myself, and that I’m not putting too much on her. She can still live her life rear her children, and I’m not taking time away from her precious time with her family. Thankfully, with the help of BlueWing and the staff, they helped me settle in, helped me overcome the homesickness, and to get mobile, to be able to get out and about in the community, and not have to worry about falling, especially when I’m in public. I have a scooter so I can go around the shops which is fantastic because I haven’t been able to do that for many years, to actually be able to walk around all the shops and to go out into the community. And I went to the beach Wednesday to celebrate my 60th birthday. I had a fantastic day. We took the scooter so I could ride all along on the footpath, and go right around the edge of the beach. It was a wonderful day.


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