Jordan’s Story With BlueWing | NDIS Disability Service | Episode 15

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Giving Up is Not an Option.

Meet Jordan, a remarkable young man, with passion, spunk, and full of energy.

Who knew he was in the need of assistance? Suffering from a number of disabilities, this doesn’t stop him from living his best life.

Being diagnosed at an early age, Jordan suffers from ADHD, learning & intellectual difficulties, anger behaviors, and anxiety and depression. Dealing with all of this can be difficult and confusing for both Jordan and his parents.

Receiving continuous support from his parents, Rob & Mel, they decided to choose BlueWing to answer their questions and help solve their problems.

BlueWing’s dedication to helping people with disabilities, difficulties, and depression, has taken Jordan under their wing and guided him to self-improvement and continuous progress.

Speech Therapy Helped his Communication & Engagement with Others.

Jordan shares how BlueWing has helped his speech, communication, engagement, and participation in video games to help his brain function. Sessions at BlueWing help him relax, concentrate, regulate his emotions, and get through his treatments in the most effective way possible.

BlueWing ensures that your child is exposed to the best atmosphere for his or her learning conditions.

We find solutions to your problems.


BlueWing Care Professionals is an NDIS Registered Disability Service Provider that offers support to all NDIS Participants.

Providing a range of services to NDIS participants, BlueWing is made up of a team of passionate, dedicated, and experienced healthcare professionals.

We provide complex care, speech therapy, plan management, occupational therapy, support coordination, access to community support, social & recreational activities, and much more. 

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