Driving Independence Made Possible: How BlueWing Occupational Therapy Can Help

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We understand the importance of independence, especially when it comes to driving. For individuals facing difficulties due to disabilities, driving may seem like an increasingly challenging task. Tam, an Occupational Therapist at BlueWing, shares how their services can assist individuals in overcoming these hurdles.

Recognizing the Need for Assistance

Tam emphasises the importance of recognising when driving becomes challenging due to a disability. If you find yourself experiencing more frequent accidents or near misses, it might be time to seek help. Tam suggests reaching out to your GP for a referral for a driving assessment.

The Assessment Process

Once referred, individuals undergo a comprehensive driving assessment conducted by an Occupational Therapist. This assessment includes both on-road and off-road evaluations to gauge one’s capabilities and limitations. Based on the assessment findings, recommendations are provided to address specific needs.

Tailored Recommendations

Tam stresses the individualised approach taken at BlueWing. Recommendations may include additional driving lessons with a rehabilitation-trained driving instructor. These lessons are designed to provide the necessary practice and support to improve driving skills and confidence.

Embracing Possibilities

For those who have chosen to stop driving due to challenges but still desire independence, Tam offers hope. Even if driving seems like an unreachable goal, there are avenues to explore. By seeking medical clearance and undergoing a driving assessment, individuals can uncover strategies to regain their driving capabilities.

A Path Forward

Tam reassures individuals that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The road to driving independence may require extra support and guidance, but it is achievable. Through personalised assessments and recommendations, BlueWing aims to empower individuals to navigate the challenges of driving with confidence.

Driving with a disability may present obstacles, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. With the assistance of Occupational Therapy services at BlueWing, individuals can discover new possibilities and regain their independence behind the wheel. If you or a loved one are facing driving challenges, don’t hesitate to explore the support available.


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