Introduction In the history of services to persons with disabilities there have been stories of moments in peoples’ lives where a single decision transforms into changing the world for the better. The story behind the development of Blue Wing Care Professionals in Australia.  Myself, Zoe Norton, and my daughter Courtney, is one such story. Mother […]

Introduction: Goals of Blue Wing Care Professionals One of the primary goals of Blue Wing Care Professionals is to empower individuals and families coping with a disability to live independent lives. The notion of empowerment and independence for people with disabilities is surprisingly a recent evolution in society’s understanding of and approach to people with […]

What do you love most about Blue Wing? When I left school, I wanted to change the world. By working as a Speech and Language Pathologist within the disability sector. I may not be changing the whole world, but I can change an individual’s experience of the world. How would you describe the experience Blue […]

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Listening to music, looking after my dog, bingeing Netflix and F45 classes. What’s something no one knows about you? I’m one of those people who love sleep. And I need to set 6 alarms to wake up! Why do you work in disability care services? I’ve […]