Shiralea’s story of learning to manage her PTSD and anxiety is one of resilience and hope. Shiralea finds joy in photography, cooking, animals, and nature.

Toni is a wonderful lady that loves going to the beach to collect shells, especially those with spirals, and watching Patrick Swayze movies. She finds solace in simple pleasures in the midst of complex trauma, PTSD, and anxiety.

Doctors told Renne she would never walk, talk, or use her hands again. She refused to accept these limitations and fought back with the help and support of her family and BlueWing.

As we age, we start to need more assistance with the activities of daily living. BlueWing Care Professionals offer in home support for seniors in Gregory Hill Drive NSW. We are a New South Wales Asutralia NDIS service provider, and our services are available to NDIS participants. In home support can help seniors with activities […]